Product Portfolio
Since your floor is the basic concept of your decorative concept that you build your overall structure of your home place , it is quite crucial to be careful while selecting the floor feature and quality level. MI Decoration offers the top quality floor in Egypt which demonstrated the highest performance standards verified and advocated by the professional consultancies agencies and contractors. With pleasure, we take over the responsibility of providing a reliable and proven floor brands.

Three decades of experience , is quite enough to create an entrenched know-how place able to identify precisely the decorative needs of the market of doors . We provide the right quality and trend within a rich variety of doors globally branded and customized for the individual needs as well.
MI Decoration is highly willing to present the most of its significant expertise in the customized doors and windows delivering the right consultancy to our customers to finally deliver a value for money product for a long life durability. For excellent operational processes and optimum technical services , we standardized the procedures of the installation and the after sale services to ensure the best possible customer satisfaction.
Top quality Office furnishing made to express individuality and help in expressing your companies’ image and add power to your business.