Mac Douglas
We provide you with a package of superior –function floor values to maintain your floor in a long term classiness.
Super waterproof – super abrasion – super stability – super environment protection – super anticorrosive performance – super impact resistance – superior thermal resistance.
All these super features are guarded with 10 YEARS GUARANTEE.
Besides the optimum quality performance and the sense of the Italian nature , Bipan represents the classiness floor that reflects your high image and add more stylishness to your precious home.
Our Parquet quality let you enjoy the originality and the natural treasure of the diversified species of wood. Decades of experience allowed us to standardize the optimum quality of wood and techniques of installation to eventually come up with a masterpiece on floor.

We try so hard to charge a realistic prices which reflects the high quality performance for the lifetime including the parquet blocks, base structure or glue , polishing and installation.