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Mac Douglas
Nobody knew that Since 1976 , the flooring perception will change into the starting place of the decoration brilliance when MAC DOGLASS was established in Washington. It is a leading multinational company launched its business with state of the art production facilities to produce NO. 1 flooring class of quality worldwide. MI Decoration managed to acquire MD agency in Egypt. Since 1999 MD dominated the Egyptian market in terms of credibility of quality and high level of long life performance.
Misr Italia Decoration decided to acquire MD Agency in Egypt for its honorable testimonials when it implemented the reconstruction projects of the American white house, department of defense and other official premises of the management of US. We endeavored to capture MD in Egypt as a high value for customers who appreciate sound quality and high image all in one.

Product line of MAC DOUGLAS SUPER 7:

  • Solid wood
  • Engineered
  • Solid wood glossary
  • HDF 8 MM
7 superior- function floor perfect floor solutions: MD always presume the worst case of bad usage throughout the long life cycle since there are 7 augmented quality featured by MD to reach the superiority over all counterparts in the global markets, that preclude any possible accidental habits or unusual practice may happen.
MD superiority upgraded the wood flooring products to upper place with more credibility versus the other substitute flooring products. MAC DOUGLAS SUPER 7 exceeded any predecessor floors worldwide.