Bipan Co.

Bipan S.P.A based in bicinicco( Udine ) , was founded in April 1980 with the specific purpose of supplementing the widerange of products offered by the Frati group. GruppoFratti is a leading manufacturer of wood-based-panels , raw and melamine-faced chipboards and MDF boards, as well as of plastic laminates of different kinds intended for different applications. The group pays considerable attention to the quality standards of its products and to the ongoing research in design and style, carried out in co-operation with valuable professionals and expertsin the process, included raw materials recycling. The creativity manifested by the group in the field of decoration finds support in the researches strategically oriented to the various market areas from the world of furniture to the contract segment , to the building industry, to urban dressing. Bipan is a division gruppofrati dealing with the production and trade of DPL laminate floorings, manufactured in compliance with En 13329 standards. During the entire manufacturing cycle the production process complies with the control parameters set by the “ progettoecoqualita “ ( project for quality of the environment ) , making use of the materials produced inside the group itself to insure certified quality standards of the end products. BIPANFLOR represents a new generation of laminated floors, conceived for small and large surfaces, it combines the warmth of a parquet flooring with the easiness of maintenance of a laminate floor. Bipanfloor has been designed with a joint structure that makes it easy and quick to lay to anyone , for a new dimension of everyday living.