Management Values
Management Values
Management of Misr Italia has special values and principles to succeed and to deliver the final values to customer.

Inbound Value :

  • Professionalism is around the place respecting managerial levels with strong team work prevailing.
  • Family and friendly mood control the personal relationships among employees.
  • Transparency – no plots or back door practice.
  • Customers are the real owners of the business.
  • Win- Win strategy applied to achieve the overall goals of all partners including employees.
  • Innovation - we are innovators rather than workers. "We create Values rather than products".
Outbound Value :
  • Customer is our main concern.
  • The more we listen to customers, the more we can express them by our job.
  • Communicate with customers, all members of MI Decoration are well qualified to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Long-term relationships, Customer is a long term investment not just money source.
  • Customer-centered approach we acquire experts and talents to serve customers.