CEO Word
CEO Word
The last decade has been exceptional and turning point in Misr Italia journey in the decoration industry overcoming the hard times and the severe economical climate in addition to the extreme technical obsolescence that the global markets have witnessed. With open eyes and the ongoing practice of searching and scanning everywhere to spot the innovational and the up to date superseding trends to match the overall mood of novelty, Misr Italia has identified the core requirements and needs of the Egyptian market of the decorative products.

We do pursue the sustainability which is not about imposing limitations but rather about opening new opportunities for creativity. We also believe that design should not reinforce disposable consumerism; cheaper, faster and replaceable. For us great design means innovation that encompasses sustainability in every way: environmentally, socially and economically, and creates beautiful and timeless products marked with top global brands.

In 2013, our broad strategy is to make our products and services more convenience to our customers as much as we can, through more diversified distribution channels and to retain our service excellence through more communication practices. Our great calibers will be our main backup to achieve the main objectives of sustainable growth rate and ongoing development of the service levels for the interest of our valuable customers and our esteemed shareholders.

Mohamed ElAssal