• We provide you with a package of superior –function floor values to maintain your floor in long term classiness ...
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  • Interior Doors

    New concept of affordable, environmentally friendly, washable and durable doors coated by especial layer of PVC that meets your expectations of daily performance and full accessories that tell a non-verbal story of your personality!...
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  • Security Door

    Give you the sense of security with personal charismatic designs expressing your home character and lifestyle. Be in a safe mood!...
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  • Furniture

    Top quality Office furnishing made to express individuality and help in expressing your companies’ image and add power to your business,...
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Company Profile Download our Company Profile Promotions August 2013 Huge discounts on the office furniture and sofa bed items UP TO 40 % DISCOUNT read more Latest News Nusco New designs of the Italian doors ( Nusco )will arrive within 3 weeks to develop the collection of the interior doors. read more
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Misr Italia Decoration For further success of Misr Italia Group in the real estate and tourism development industry, Misr Italia Decoration was emerged as a new concept of furnishing paired with prominent quality products by pursuing the evolvement of the decorative conception from supplying products into composing a personal story behind the whole design of the individual home.

To practice the concept starting from 1981, Misr Italia Decoration had to explore everywhere to gain the business and technical experience to best build their decoration arena. We learnt that decoration is neither computer compatible nor art work but it is an entire model of customization trends and qualities to eventually produce charismatic-designed dwellings. From here Misr Italia Decoration undertakes prosperouss mission and non-sky vision to accomplish what it has started for 25 years.
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Strategic Alliances Misr Italia pursuits of ongoing update of the global furnishing trends, strategic alliances were a very urgent objective to maintain the operation excellence and to keep our main competitive advantages active for the interests of our valuable customers. read more